Wildlife through the lens - a talk by Tom Way

At our last club meeting we were treated to a truly inspirational talk by Tom Way, award winning Fine Art Wildlife Photographer recognised in various international competitions, including European Wildlife Photographer Of The Year and the Sony World Photography Awards. Tom's passion for his craft was clear to all and his engaging style of delivery meant that we were given in-depth detail about his adventures, as well as descriptions of how he captures engaging images, alongside an opportunity to admire his latest work. His greatest passion is for Africa where he focuses on capturing powerful images of such big game as lion, rhino, leopard and elephant in destinations such as Kenya, Uganda an

Composite Tips & Tricks - A fantastic talk by Janine Ball DPAGB ARPS BPE3*

Our latest club night saw us being treated to a fantastic talk by Janine Ball entitled "Composite Tips & Tricks". Janine is the chair at Deal Camera Club and before going on to talk about her more quirky work, she showed us photographs from her travels around various parts of the world - her day to day photography. However when it come to her composites they clearly show a unique and quirky imagination and incredible skill, using various tools and tricks on Photoshop to create truly memorable and amazing "digital art," By having her mobile phone on hand at all times she can take photographs of anything that could be used to make up one of her composites, from buckets, door and windows, a

Quizzing at the Club

Last Monday's club night saw John Robinson posing questions about photography that were extremely challenging, but allowed for an enjoyable night of competition between five teams randomly picked. The winners were a team comprised of Dave Silk, Laura Drury, Mick Meaney and myself Nicola Clamp, who were awarded with a tube of smarties each for being the "Smartie pants" of the night. However I myself would like to acknowledge and thank Dave for his immense knowledge and to be fair without him the rest of us would have struggled! A fun night was had by all and many thanks to John for putting the quiz together and taxing us to come up with answers to some difficult questions.

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