"Walker's Court Soho" and "Mountain Hare looking out over environment", winn

The 2nd quarterly print competition saw equal numbers of images entered from the intermediate and advanced groups, with the usual variety of shots and well presented as always. In the absence of Kirsty Ralf, who was unfortunately ill, judging was by June Sharpe our former Club Chair. In the intermediate group the winning image was "Walker's Court Soho", by Sinead Le Blond and in the advanced group the winner was James Foad with his image "Mountain Hare looking out over environment." Steve Lee was second ("Sunset at Viking Bay") and Rod Giddins third ("Indian Mynah Bird") in the intermediate group, whilst in the advanced group second place went to Laura Drury ("Left Behind") and third to D

Song or Film Titles! 1st set subject challenge of the season

The first set subject competition challenged members to come up with suitable images to illustrate song or film titles. From "Strangers on the Shore" to "Top Gun', 'Frozen" to "Gone with the Wind", 38 images were entered and ably judged by Di Long CPAGB. The winner was Eddie Bradley with his well seen and well executed image entitled "Underneath the Arches". Well done for capturing a beautiful pose of a kissing couple underneath a suitable arch! Second place went to Laura Drury with her image entitled "Careless Whisper" and third place went to James Foad with his image entitled "The Calling". 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

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