First two fantastic talks of the new season - landscapes, motor sports and astro-photography!

Our second club night treated members to a fantastic talk by South Wales based photographer Leigh Woolford, whose passion for making images of both landscapes and at motor sports events was clear to see, as he described his trips to a variety of countries and to Grand Prix circuits, Silverstone Classic and hill climbs in his local area, showing us a variety of images and giving us an understanding of the narrative within his shots. His images of Iceland and Norway were wonderful, depicting beautiful mountains, waterfalls, the fabulous Northern Lights, rugged coastline and beaches, and personally I was awe struck by the beautiful images of huge ice chunks on a deserted Icelandic beach, whic

LOCKDOWN - Summer Project

During the summer our Chair, Laura, gave us a Summer Project to do which consisted of 8 different themes to take images of. In homage to the way of life that we were all a part of, the first letter of each theme made the word "LOCKDOWN": Leaves, Order, Cooking, Keys, Doorway, Outdoors, Washing, Naughty. 11 of the club members put in images and during our first online meeting on 7th September these images were shown via Zoom and members that were in attendance were invited to score them out of 10. I am now able to give you the results for each theme (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). 1st 2nd 3rd Leaves Laura Drury Dave Berger

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