It's amazing what you can do with your phone camera!

At our last club night we were treated to a great talk by Jet from Jet Black Squares on simply using your smart phone to capture just as great images as you can with a more "fancy" camera. Jet showed her passion and enthusiasm for photography, with the mantra that if you own a smart phone you own a camera and therefore you can create stunning images by still using your creative eye, but not having to spend a lot of money on a DSLR and expensive lenses. Jet showed us a number of her images and gave us helpful hints on how to get the best shots; the main aim as ever is to get the exposure right! A few tips: touch the screen for what you want to focus on, bring your camera in slowly to focus

Hat Trick for Laura Drury ! Well done to John Draper and Laura Walker

Our first digital competition of the season was very well judged by Kylie-Ann Martin EFAIP BPE2 LDPS, with the usual variety of images having been submitted. Members were treated to a thorough and enlightening critique of each of the images, giving everyone that had entered hints and tips on how to improve on them. In the Intermediate Group first place was awarded to John Draper for his excellent macro image entitled "Early morning eye-cleaning (Rhyngia Sp)", second place went to our newest member Laura Walker with her wonderful and emotive image "Sisters" and third place went to John Draper with his stunningly sharp and beautiful image "Dunlin on the march." Well done to both John and Laur

Textures - creating a fine art feel.

Unfortunately our third speaker was unable to give his talk on the "Art of the Zoo photography", but we had the pleasure of hearing instead from another great photographer, Jane Lazenby. Jane gave us a fantastic talk about working with textures, something which may either make people scared or inspired about the use of them! A painter as well as a photographer, Jane has a degree in fine art and uses her skills within her images to create a final piece with fantastic artistic and creative qualities. She specialises in portraits of humans and animals, in particular horses and in her own words: "My background as a painter allows me a unique artistic interpretation and style to my images whic

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