Take a look at what is coming up during the season !! 


6     Welcome Back & ‘Out & About’                   photos

       Entries to be in for Summer Project             Competition

13    Practical Evening

       Mounting prints and PDI sizing for               competitions

       Entries to be in for 1st Qtr PDI Comp

20  Summer Project Competition

27   1st Quarterly PDI Competition

       Judge: Keith Evans FRPS, DPAGB


4   Camera Skills Evening

     Exposure and more - bring your cameras

     Bring prints for 1st Qtr Print Comp & email          jpgs

11  1st Quarterly Print Competition

     Judge: Kirsty Ralfs ARPS, QGP

18  Members Evening: Lets Talk Pictures - in          house critique

      Bring images on memory stick

      Entries to be in for 2nd Qtr PDI Comp

25  An Evening with the Nature Group

      Hosted by James Foad LRPS & John                Draper


1     2nd Quarterly PDI Competition

      Judge:  Chris Shore MPAGB,                  EFIAP, BPE*5                    

8    Members Evening:  Photoshop &          Lightroom

      Entries to be in for Set Subject PDI        Comp

15   Members Evening: 15 Minutes of           Fame

22  Set Subject PDI Competition -                Contre Jour

      Judge: Ian Howard

29  Members Evening:  Altered Images


6    Guest Speaker:  ‘Asian Odyssey’

      Stephen Carroll ARPS

13   Guest Speaker:  ‘Night & Day Photography’

       David Jenner

20  Christmas Club Night

27   No Meeting


3       No Meeting 

10     Guest Speaker: An Evening with Trevor             Youe

         Bring prints for 2nd Qtr Print Comp &                 email jpgs 

17     2nd Quarterly Print Competition

        Judge:  Tony Bentley ARPS, CPAGB 

24    Guest Speaker: ‘My Way’

         Louise E Hubbard

         Entries to be in for 3rd Qtr PDI Comp 

31     An Evening with the Analogue Group

         Hosted by David Silk


7     3rd Quarterly PDI Competition

       Judge:  Sue Flood DPAGB 

14    Guest Speaker:  ‘After Life’

        Dave Mason 

21    Members Evening:  My Images

        Bring entries for 3rd Qtr Print               Comp & email jpgs           

28   3rd Quarterly Print Competition

       Judge: Kevin Bell LRPS


7     Guest Speaker:  An Evening with         Ady Kerry

       Editorial/sports photographer               talks about his 25 year career

       Entries to be in for 4th Qtr PDI             Comp

 14   Camera Skills Evening -                       Perspective

 21   4th Quarterly PDI Competition

       Judge: Stephen Carroll ARPS

 28  Members Evening - My Home             Town


4     Battle with Herne Bay (Home)

       Judge:  Paul Parkinson ARPS, CPAGB,                BPE*2

       Bring prints for Set Subject Print Comp &           email jpgs

 11   Set Subject Print Competition - Abstract

      Judge:  Helen Taylor ARPS, DPAGB, BPE*3

 18  No Meeting

 25 Guest Speaker:   An Evening with Ian                   Howard

       Bring prints for 4th Qtr Print Comp & email          jpgs



2    No Meeting 

9    4th Quarterly Print Competition

      Judge:  Di Long LRPS, CPAGB

16  Print Knock Out Competition - Girls          v Boys

      Judge: David Silk

 23 Members Evening - The Judge                 Said... A look at before and after             the judges comments

       Bring prints for Mick Talbot Trophy         & email  PDI entries 

30   No Meeting

6    Mick Talbot Trophy (print & PDI) -            Motion

      Judge:  Glyn Bareham LRPS,                    CPAGB

 13  AGM & Exhibition of Season’s                  Winning Images