AV's and Stereocards

We were entertained by two of our members, Lorina Dean and John Robinson. In the first half of the evening Lorina shared with us some of her delightful AV's which were very cleverly put together. Lorina explained that she first chose the music and then fitted the images to fit. Her subjects were very varied including cars, flowers and church windows. In the second half of the evening John delighted us with a peek into the past through special glasses as we viewed some Victorian stereo cards of Margate which he had digitised. The left & right images of the original stereocards had been converted into overlapping red & cyan versions that are called anaglyths. These have a 3D effect when viewed through matching glasses. John has collated these images in a book he has written "Margate in 3D". Many thanks indeed to both Lorina and John for a very enjoyable evening.

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