Success at the Ross Cup

Last year our club came 20th out of 32 clubs entering. This year we were THIRD out of 36 clubs entering!!! Our total score was 143 which was only 2 points away from the joint winners with 145 - Beckenham and Maidstone. Not only that but we achieved a “Best Landscape Trophy” and a Merit Award! The Premier Award for the best image in Exhibition was “Strength with Style” by Helen Cooper from Maidstone CC. Our individual scores were:

Pathway to the Summit Cumbria by Terry Scales - 20 and the Trophy for Best Landscape Spoutcrag Quarry Cumbria by Jean Seddon - 19 and a Merit Award Tulip Still Life by Cherry Larcombe - 19 Don’t Look Now by Terry Scales - 18 Waiting for Christmas by Cherry Larcombe - 17 Hare by Russell Miles - 17 Keeping Close by Laura Drury - 17 Shopping in the Gambia by Laura Drury - 16

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