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Our latest club night saw us being treated to a fantastic talk by Janine Ball entitled "Composite Tips & Tricks". Janine is the chair at Deal Camera Club and before going on to talk about her more quirky work, she showed us photographs from her travels around various parts of the world - her day to day photography. However when it come to her composites they clearly show a unique and quirky imagination and incredible skill, using various tools and tricks on Photoshop to create truly memorable and amazing "digital art," By having her mobile phone on hand at all times she can take photographs of anything that could be used to make up one of her composites, from buckets, door and windows, animals and quirky items to backgrounds and textures, so that when her creative juices start to flow she has different elements ready to use. Janine explained how she carefully cuts out what she needs, repositions and uses multiple layers (sometimes up to 200) to build up the picture, using careful colour toning to bring out the features that constitute the main "story" that she wants the viewer to see. Janine showed a range of prints and I can promise you that seeing animals sitting under hairdryers, a giraffe with zebra stripes, a rhino pushing a pram, animals at the opticians and a turtle with a house on its back was awe inspiring. It was an enthralling evening taking a lot of us out of our comfort zone for sure! Some of our members could be inspired to try it out and we may well see some composites appearing later on in the season. Here are a couple of Janine's images.

Mistaken Identity by Janine Ball

Grand Designs by Janine Ball

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