2nd PDI competition - our first time being marked on four criteria!! Wow it was a little stressful!

Our second PDI competition was judged by Joe Houghton and was a very different experience for us, with four criteria being scored out of 5 to make a total score out of 20: Technical, Composition, Subject and Like. The critique given by Joe on each image was thorough and constructive, giving members food for thought on certain aspects of their image making which could be improved on. The criteria of "Like" is of course very subjective, so I am sure people had differing opinions on which images were scored higher in this category, but it made it even more fascinating.

In the Intermediate Group first place was awarded to John Draper for his beautiful image "Shooting the Sunrise,"

2nd place went to Debbie Ludgate (our newest member) with her lovely picture of "Brighton Pier" and third went to Sinead Le Blond with her striking image entitled "Tattoo You".

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Lovely image, nice drag on the shutter to get a bit of movement in the wave, well controlled highlights and fab colour. Lovely leading lines from the pier.

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Ooohh - nice! - my immediate reaction! Beautifully controlled exposure, fab colours, sun on the bottom thirds intersection.

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Super image. Here's where you are allowed to blow your highlights - to tell a story, and really make the contrast work for the image! Wonderful use of form, line and colour!


2 images were also "Highly Commended" by the judge and these were Ghetto Rose by Mick Dodsworth and Surprise! by Sinead Le Blond.

Surprise! Ghetto Rose

In the Advanced Group first place was awarded to Dave Berger with his beautiful and simple image of "Barley", second place went to Paul Norris with his striking image "The Halo" and third went to a wonderful image full of narrative by Steve Lee entitled "Gone Fishing".

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Beautiful ICM, wonderful flow and line, muted colours, just a superb image.

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Superb mono composition, emphasising line and form. Excellent control of tones.

A flavour of the Judge's comments:

Love the story in this image, which is beautifully toned in the mono conversion.

Another three great images - WELL DONE TO DAVE, PAUL AND STEVE!

2 images were also "Highly Commended" by the judge and these were " A Place for Calm Reflection" by Ken Butcher and "Windswept" by Eddie Bradley.

Judge's Award went to Steve Lee with his image "Gone Fishing" - 2 awards for Steve !!! Well Done!!

Windswept A place for calm reflection

We had a fantastic evening and I am sure that members enjoyed Joe's approach to his critique and scoring. It may have been a bit stressful waiting to see where our images came as he showed them in reverse order from lowest score to highest, but he was fair in his appraisal and his tips for improving our work were invaluable!!

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